About me

I never did gymnastics myself but I loved the sport since the first time I saw it. My own hobbies are software development, photography and giving training in gymnastics. From the moment I bought my first photocamera it was a natural step to also photograph gymnastics. I love attending gymnastic competitions and gym galas and I always have my cameras with me.

Then I started to share my photos on the internet. It was an instant success and I received many requests from people about whether I also had a photo of their gymnast. However the success also created a problem. I made more and more photos and was unable to put them all on the internet. At that moment my other hobby came in handy. I developed a program which is able to automatically reply to e-mails and attach the requested photo along with that reply. Since then the program has handled more than 300.000 requests.

Sebastiaan Aarts

Sebastiaan Aarts, Peter Verheijen, Frans Hoek en Ellen van den Doel
Fantastic gymnastics 2016