Frequently asked questions

Here a number of frequently asked questions are answered. If your question is not listed below, please mail me at

Why can I not download the photo directly from internet?

My collection of gymnastic photos is very large and consumes several gigabytes of harddisk space. I do not have an internet provider which allows me to put all those gigabytes on its server. That is why I wrote a program which can handle photo requests by e-mail. Processing all the photo requests manually would be too much time consuming for me since I sometimes receive a thousand requests per week ...

I like to receive many photos. Can I receive a CD-Rom?

No you can not. However you can receive many photos at once via WeTransfer. For information see WeTransfer. The WeTransfer however is not free of charge. Delivery can take approximately two weeks.

Can I also request photos without filling in the form?

Yes you can. Just send an e-mail to and specify the day and which photo numbers you like. However if the form works, I prefer that you use the form instead. It will save me a lot of work.

Why do I not receive my requested photo?

Most of the requests will be handled within 5 minutes. If this is not the case, then there are many reasons for the delay:
If you do not receive your photo within two days, please mail me.

Do you also speak Dutch?

Yes, I speak Dutch and English. I also understand German, but I will not reply in German because my German is too bad.