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Welcome to my homepage about the most exciting sport: gymnastics. The sport offers much more than many other sports. Besides competition and strive for perfection, it also has elegance of movement and is often accompanied by beautiful music. It also has many different disciplines, for example: artistic gymnastics, rhytmic gymnastics and acro gymnastics.

As a photographer I also like the sport because it is very challenging to make good photos of gymnastics. On this homepage I share my photos so that everyone can enjoy the sport. You are allowed to copy the photos for personal use. You are not allowed to publish my photos or use them commercially without my approval.

I have created a facebook account where I will mention all changes and updates on this homepage. So if you want to stay informed, follow my facebook account.

You might already have noticed that the photo gallery has been updated. The new automatic e-mail response software is partly finished. Also the software that generates the web pages is updated. Because of that I can now also publish partly finished series. For these series I did not finish processing all photos. However I already give you access to the photos that I did finish processing. The rest of the photos will be processed later. If your photo is not in the list yet, please check the website later.

I have stopped the CD-ROMs and DVDs service. It took me too much time and I think the technique is out-of-date. Instead I started sending large requests via WeTransfer.

Sebastiaan Aarts